John Bennett was a lonely child who made a wish that his bear would come to life, and this being a movie; it did.

This risky comedic flick featuring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis took me by surprise when there were actually moments I laughed out loud to during this film. For what I really thought would be a dumb humorless comedy was actually… well a dumb humorous comedy for the most part. Like most comedic films with a slight element of romance the film does get serious towards the end almost ruining what was a decent film to watch but does however redeem itself with its last joke… I guess my taste in humor is poor.

John Bennett was a lonely child who made a wish that his bear would come to life, and this being a movie; it did. Of course they grew up together and then it was time to grow apart when Johns girlfriend Lori decides it’s time for Ted to move out and make a life of his own. But for Ted it isn’t as easy as that, and neither is it for John who struggles to really separate himself from his teddy bear best friend and his childhood and refuses to accept responsibility. Without forcing it upon the audience the film does develop this theme of maturity and growing up.

And most certainly of course the film has the humor, then the serious part, but this being created by MacFarlane doesn’t take it too seriously and defiantly even creates a lighthearted buzz around the sort of parody of a rom-com narrative turning the film into a great straight out comedy with plenty to laugh at.

This won’t be to everyone’s liking due to its somewhat rude, offensive and crude jokes; but the trailer doesn’t lie and it shows it won’t be for everyone. Not at all is it particularly creative, does it have outstanding performances but it does have a great deal of humor, and for a film I was sure I would hate, I was pleasantly surprised.

With a continuous flow of a simple and lighthearted narrative and outrageous jokes I suddenly lost track of time and thoroughly engaged within the film. It isn’t a film that needs a sequel but it really is worth a watch.

The film is no masterpiece and it clearly doesn’t claim to be anything other than what it is, and if you like somewhat stupid South Park/Family Guy/Stupid humor like I do then I guess this films worth a watch for you too.

© Charlotte Morris 2019