The prequel to Alien has its own story and its own characters ready for a new generation of those who love sci-fi.

It’s easy to say that if you’re going in expecting another Alien, you’re going to walk out disappointed. I did keep an open mind for this film, and with its own title Prometheus, why should it have been another Alien anyway? The prequel to Alien has its own story and its own characters ready for a new generation of those who love sci-fi. Whilst it has subtle references to Alien, it’s a brand new fascinating experience that you can enjoy even if you haven’t seen the Alien films. Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway archaeologists from earth go into space searching for alien life named the engineers that they believe created human beings. Of course when the journey aboard Prometheus reaches its destination things begin to take a terrorizing turn when David; the ships android character brings alien life aboard the ship which is when things start to turn out of control.

There is a lack of character development that is noticeable to some extent, but does it really matter when the eventful space journey is as excitable and epic as this one? The visuals are breathtaking and bring the film to life and its as if you’re actually there on LV 223. Seeing the film in 3D was also surprisingly worth paying for, this is defiantly a film that really uses 3D to its advantages. From the moment the film begins the screen is filled with dazzling, stunning visuals of spectacular landscapes, followed by stunning visuals throughout the film often with glowing blue-grey futuristic tints. Pathetic fallacy is also used intelligently within the film that adds greater to the grey colours that are used along with the characters emotions which aren’t directly expressed but due to the clever use of these techniques, you can surely begin to understand and feel as if you’re them along side them.

Whilst the narrative may leave you questioning what happened in the film and why, the plot flows nicely and is fast paced enough for you to forget about minor confusing details and engage with the elegant visuals and the dialogue. The film is filled with sci-fi action, and some slightly horrific and gory scenes. The story is gripping and certainly leaves room for a sequel. Prometheus is an thrilling and energetic journey through space and a good excuse to spend two hours watching a film regardless of whether you enjoyed Alien or Aliens.

© Charlotte Morris 2019